Smith Family | Burleson Family Photographer

Smith Family | Burleson Family Photographer

This beautiful momma emailed me a couple of months ago to set up a family session.  It was going to be a warm day and she wasn’t really certain all the kids would cooperate, so she chose to book a mini session.  They had recently blended families and she just wanted some good pictures before the summer was over.  After we found a date that would work, we chatted a little bit about the location options – we determined that their home was going to be just perfect – it also gave us a chance to have their dogs in a few of the pictures.

Blended families are not abnormal, however, the way these kids all got along was really special to watch.   We spend the evening dancing in the backyard, snuggling up, and just genuinely laughing.  It was a magical night and I think we made some magical images that tell the story of their family perfectly!


Thank you Smith Family… it was my honor to be your photographer.



Interested in booking a family session of your own… email me for details brooke@beautifulevolutions.com


Casey’s Bridals | Firefly Gardens | Wedding Photographer

Casey’s Bridals | Firefly Gardens | Wedding Photographer

We met Casey and one of her bridesmaids up at her wedding venue a few weeks before her wedding to photograph her in her dress.  She wasn’t really certain she should do bridals and I am so very glad that we convinced her to take the time to do them.  To see her in her dress was amazing and gave me a feel for how the wedding day would go.  Firefly Gardens was the perfect choice for her bridals because we were able to take our time before the chaos of the wedding day and just focus on her.  It gave her an opportunity to do one last trial on her hair and makeup… and every single detail was perfect.

bride and bouquet outdoors bride twirling dress indoors

Casey may have been one of my most laid back brides… she was up for just about anything.  She knew she wanted beautiful images, but really just placed her trust in me to create images that showcased her dress.  I think having the ability to tie in the wedding venue was really my favorite part of the session.  As you know, Texas weather is a little temperamental and while the day we did her bridals was windy… her actual wedding day was freezing.  So this day turned out to be perfect to have her walking all over the property.


bride on bridge outdoors bride outdoors showcasing back tattoo bride outdoors on swing

Casey you are a stunning woman and I am truly honored that I was able to be your photographer and create these images for you.  I hope that each time you see these, you remember how beautiful you felt and how beautiful you truly are.


bride outside firefly gardens with sunglasses


All my love


King Family | Fort Worth Family Photographer

King Family | Fort Worth Family Photographer

Family photography will always hold a special place in my heart.  Over the years, I really haven’t found a good balance of marketing these… because you really have to understand the emotion behind a session for me.  I firmly believe that you should have family pictures done often.  Too many times, I hear how busy we all say we are.  Life is chaotic and things just keep getting in the way.  It isn’t until you look back, and realize that you haven’t captured your family in many years and you missed the opportunity to create these memories.

Think about it, how many photos live on your phone?  Have you ever printed them?  What would happen if your phone crashed or if you lost it?  Have you created and printed images that your grandchildren can look back on?  One of my very favorite things to do when I was a little girl, was to sit and look at photos that my uncle had kept.  Generations of photos.  Memories that I only know by the images.  What are you leaving your children and grandchildren?

King Family Photography Session

I had the opportunity to sit and talk with Sara King a few months ago. Somehow we got sidetracked onto this conversation and she couldn’t remember how long it had been since she had done family pictures.  Her kids… were itty bitty.  And now… they are crossing into new chapters of their life.   She decided a few weeks later to book a session.  As we were planning the details and logistics of her session, she asked if she could bring her parents.  OF COURSE!  This is what makes my heart happy.  When I get the opportunity to meet extended families and document their love and life.

family in the waterfalls

My goal for Sara’s family session was to get them in a natural and comfortable state.  To interact and just truly be together.  Doing something that wasn’t too out of the box for them.  I never want a family session to be so stuffy and formal that everyone feels uncomfortable.  I want to know what happens in a normal life for your family and find a location that allows everyone to relax, laugh, and generally, just have a good time.  This location was perfect.  It gave an adventure, good stories to tell as they look at the images, and a chance to just embrace who their family is today.

beautiful woman laughing in a fieldfamily laughing and walking

When I look at the images from their session… I can feel their love.  I can hear their laughter.  My heart swells up and tears come to my eyes, because I know how important these images are.  I know that for years to come, Sara’s kids will look at these images and see their grandparents and their mom with such love.

grandparents talking to each other

I tell everyone all the time… book a family session.  Find a photographer that can tell your family’s story.  Make sure you have a connection – because when it’s all said and done… the images we create will tell the stories long after your mind no longer can.

All my love

Brookebeautiful portrait of family in waterfall

Interested in booking a family session for yourself?  I’d love to talk to you.  Email me directly brooke@beautifulevolutions.com

Maddie’s Senior Session | Owasso High School | Class of 2019

Maddie’s Senior Session | Owasso High School | Class of 2019

Maddie and I have been chatting about her senior session over the last two years.  Where she thought she might want them, what she might wear… what vibe she wanted.  We talked about doing them in Texas, some other wild locations, or in her home town of Owasso.  Ultimately, we decided to travel up to her and shoot her senior session.  When she showed me some images of what she wanted… I knew that downtown Tulsa was the spot.  I grew up in Tulsa, I knew some locations that would give her what she wanted.  I knew I wanted her to have some variety as well.

Senior session owasso oklahoma


The weather was absolutely perfect the day we shot.  We even tried to ride some of the green scooters (oh it happened, just not that day). A sweet little cupcake shop added the perfect little extra something to her session.  However, can you ever really go wrong with cupcakes??


Senior session owasso oklahoma Senior session owasso oklahoma

Maddie’s senior session was a little bittersweet for me.  She’s my girl.  My baby.  She graduates from Owasso High School in May and I’m quite sure I’ll be a blubbering idiot as she walks across the stage.  However, she has so much greatness ahead of her.

While she’s been accepted in to OSU, she’s actually going to attend a local community college and knock out her basics.  She will purse a degree in criminal justice…. and if you know Maddie… you know that it will be right up her alley.  All that arguing will be put to great use!  (kidding… kinda).

Senior session owasso oklahoma

I am so proud of the person that she become.  I don’t really think she hears it enough and that is something we all need to better at.  She is a remarkable young lady and I am honored to watch her finish up this chapter and start her next one.

Senior session owasso oklahoma

All my love sweet girl.

Warriors and Superheros

Warriors and Superheros

When you were a little girl.. what were your dreams?

All girl superheros and warriors

When someone gives you a compliment… what do the little girls around you hear when you respond?

We all have things we have had to overcome in our lives. The fact that you are still standing means that you are a warrior.  In the month of March, we celebrate International Women’s Day.  It only seemed fitting to celebrate the little girls we are raising and teaching to be bigger than their dreams.

superhero girls warrior girls warriors and superheros



Each of these girls that you see here have a lifetime of challenges to face.  They will have to be their own superhero and warriors and learn how to become strong and resilient.

Will you teach them to be how to be a warrior or their own superhero? I will.

3 warrior girlswonderwoman girls4 superhero girls

I believe that it takes a village to raise strong children, girls or boys.  It takes a community to teach them how to be leaders and warriors in their life.  To teach our children how to be respectful, to believe in their dreams, and to rise above negativity and adversity, is ultimately our responsibility.  The girls that are growing up right now are faced with an unreal expectation of beauty because of how girls are portrayed in social media.  My goal with my business, Beautiful Evolutions Photography, is to help each girl discover and define her own type of beauty. Imagine a world where we built each other up instead of being negative and comparing ourselves to each other.  Now that’s a world I want our children to thrive in.

girls embracing their beauty

Comment below and tell me your hopes and dreams for the little girls in your life?  Interested in scheduling a shoot to celebrate her own beauty and strength?  Email me at brooke@beatifulevolutions.com