2019 to 2020: Attitude of Gratitude

2019 to 2020: Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of gratitude


Someone said that it is impossible for your mind to be in a state of anxiety or apprehension if you are practicing gratitude. An attitude of gratitude means making it a habit to express thankfulness and appreciation in all parts of your life, on a regular basis, for both the big and small things alike. 


I think back on the last year and i see the areas that i struggled, but I also see the areas that i am so thankful for.  I may not have hit all of my goals for 2019, but i made great strides in some other areas that caused me to grow: as a business owner, as a wife, as a friend and as a human in general.  I am so grateful for those things.


Often times we scroll thru social media and see others that appear to be living their best life, and the truth is, we really don’t know what their story is.  We may see someone who is crying out on social media and need to have grace with them. They may not realize there are other ways to find help and refocus their mindset.  

I choose everyday to not put negative things on social media.  I choose to not dwell in the “downs” of my life. My life is not perfect, it for sure is not all roses and rainbows, I struggle often with depression and feeling as though I am not enough.  Comparison is just a yucky road to go down, so when I find myself turning in that direction – I have to stop and remember the things I am most grateful for in my life. I have to redirect my path and get back on the road that is going to help me rise above and move forward.


So with 2019 coming to an end, we will see all the posts and memes about a new year, a new you, etc… but what I really want you to remember is that you are the only one in charge of your mindset.  Don’t post negativity. Don’t dwell in the sadness. Ask for help. Set your ego aside, and find the help you need. Do the work. It took you this many years to be at this point in your story – it won’t be an immediate fix.  Work to focus on the things that you are grateful for. Don’t surf pinterest for sad quotes – find quotes that make you sit a little taller.  


Walk into 2020 with a mindset of gratitude and hold on tight to that.  This can be your year… and my hope is that your dreams come true and you find the strength within to do the work to make it happen.  

Comment below and tell me what you are grateful for.  I would love to know.

All my love


W Family | DFW Family Photography

W Family | DFW Family Photography

Family Photography will forever be important to me.  To document your family, to tell your story, to be able to look back and see and remember those moments…. it really is something everyone should do.  However… it is also important to also not take yourself so seriously and just have fun.  Your kids are only this age once.  Your family is NOT the definition of perfect.  So why not do something a little out of the ordinary.

This momma LOVES Halloween.  She had been telling me for years that she wanted her family pictures done in a cemetery. She would ask me occasionally if I thought it was too weird.  Honestly, no, not weird at all.  I think a cemetery is one of the prettiest places every.  Spooky… yes maybe a little.  But so pretty.

As luck would have it, our Aesthetician, Jessica, next door is a genius at makeup… so, I proposed something special.  A family session that was catered to their little family and it was just perfection.  This session turned out SO much better than I dreamed it would.  She ordered a 30×40 print to hang in their home this fall and I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT!!

Skull Family Photo in cemetery skull couple kissing skull family session walking skull family session walking in cemetery skull family session standing Skull couple with purple smoke skull couple kids up front skull family photo skull couple photo session

skull family session in graveyard

skull couple with purple smoke bomb skull couple photo shoot Skull family kids laughing

We are now booking fall family sessions and only have a handful of dates left for the year

– your session can be a traditional family session… or maybe you have an idea that is unique… let’s chat about it!

Family Session Pricing Guide


Smith Family | Burleson Family Photographer

Smith Family | Burleson Family Photographer

This beautiful momma emailed me a couple of months ago to set up a family session.  It was going to be a warm day and she wasn’t really certain all the kids would cooperate, so she chose to book a mini session.  They had recently blended families and she just wanted some good pictures before the summer was over.  After we found a date that would work, we chatted a little bit about the location options – we determined that their home was going to be just perfect – it also gave us a chance to have their dogs in a few of the pictures.

Blended families are not abnormal, however, the way these kids all got along was really special to watch.   We spend the evening dancing in the backyard, snuggling up, and just genuinely laughing.  It was a magical night and I think we made some magical images that tell the story of their family perfectly!


Thank you Smith Family… it was my honor to be your photographer.



Interested in booking a family session of your own… email me for details brooke@beautifulevolutions.com


Casey’s Bridals | Firefly Gardens | Wedding Photographer

Casey’s Bridals | Firefly Gardens | Wedding Photographer

We met Casey and one of her bridesmaids up at her wedding venue a few weeks before her wedding to photograph her in her dress.  She wasn’t really certain she should do bridals and I am so very glad that we convinced her to take the time to do them.  To see her in her dress was amazing and gave me a feel for how the wedding day would go.  Firefly Gardens was the perfect choice for her bridals because we were able to take our time before the chaos of the wedding day and just focus on her.  It gave her an opportunity to do one last trial on her hair and makeup… and every single detail was perfect.

bride and bouquet outdoors bride twirling dress indoors

Casey may have been one of my most laid back brides… she was up for just about anything.  She knew she wanted beautiful images, but really just placed her trust in me to create images that showcased her dress.  I think having the ability to tie in the wedding venue was really my favorite part of the session.  As you know, Texas weather is a little temperamental and while the day we did her bridals was windy… her actual wedding day was freezing.  So this day turned out to be perfect to have her walking all over the property.


bride on bridge outdoors bride outdoors showcasing back tattoo bride outdoors on swing

Casey you are a stunning woman and I am truly honored that I was able to be your photographer and create these images for you.  I hope that each time you see these, you remember how beautiful you felt and how beautiful you truly are.


bride outside firefly gardens with sunglasses


All my love


King Family | Fort Worth Family Photographer

King Family | Fort Worth Family Photographer

Family photography will always hold a special place in my heart.  Over the years, I really haven’t found a good balance of marketing these… because you really have to understand the emotion behind a session for me.  I firmly believe that you should have family pictures done often.  Too many times, I hear how busy we all say we are.  Life is chaotic and things just keep getting in the way.  It isn’t until you look back, and realize that you haven’t captured your family in many years and you missed the opportunity to create these memories.

Think about it, how many photos live on your phone?  Have you ever printed them?  What would happen if your phone crashed or if you lost it?  Have you created and printed images that your grandchildren can look back on?  One of my very favorite things to do when I was a little girl, was to sit and look at photos that my uncle had kept.  Generations of photos.  Memories that I only know by the images.  What are you leaving your children and grandchildren?

King Family Photography Session

I had the opportunity to sit and talk with Sara King a few months ago. Somehow we got sidetracked onto this conversation and she couldn’t remember how long it had been since she had done family pictures.  Her kids… were itty bitty.  And now… they are crossing into new chapters of their life.   She decided a few weeks later to book a session.  As we were planning the details and logistics of her session, she asked if she could bring her parents.  OF COURSE!  This is what makes my heart happy.  When I get the opportunity to meet extended families and document their love and life.

family in the waterfalls

My goal for Sara’s family session was to get them in a natural and comfortable state.  To interact and just truly be together.  Doing something that wasn’t too out of the box for them.  I never want a family session to be so stuffy and formal that everyone feels uncomfortable.  I want to know what happens in a normal life for your family and find a location that allows everyone to relax, laugh, and generally, just have a good time.  This location was perfect.  It gave an adventure, good stories to tell as they look at the images, and a chance to just embrace who their family is today.

beautiful woman laughing in a fieldfamily laughing and walking

When I look at the images from their session… I can feel their love.  I can hear their laughter.  My heart swells up and tears come to my eyes, because I know how important these images are.  I know that for years to come, Sara’s kids will look at these images and see their grandparents and their mom with such love.

grandparents talking to each other

I tell everyone all the time… book a family session.  Find a photographer that can tell your family’s story.  Make sure you have a connection – because when it’s all said and done… the images we create will tell the stories long after your mind no longer can.

All my love

Brookebeautiful portrait of family in waterfall

Interested in booking a family session for yourself?  I’d love to talk to you.  Email me directly brooke@beautifulevolutions.com