OKC Life Inspired Family Photographer | Shelbie and her boys

OKC Life Inspired Family Photographer | Shelbie and her boys

Once or twice a year we travel up to the Oklahoma City area to do a round of photo shoots.  We have done boudoir, fitness and family while we have been there.  A few months ago we headed up there and photographed another beautiful round of women.  I was fortunate enough to photograph this super sweet family while we were there.

family walking thru the field

Shelbie is definitely the queen of her house and her boys know they need to keep momma happy.  I had so much fun with them and we spent our time loving and laughing together.

mom with her boys

One of my very favorite moments was at the very end.  At the end of each family session I always give the kids some time to just be silly.  They can make silly faces.  They can dance it out.  It’s their time to just be.  I sent mom and dad off to go get changed back into comfy clothes and I asked Trenton what else he would like to do.  He smiled real big and said he wanted to take a picture with me.

Little boy making faces

You guys… my heart melted.  So you bet I flipped that camera around and just didn’t care if it was in focus or not.

little boy and photographer

As we walked back up to the house, he looked up at me and said “you are the best photographer ever”.  Sweetest boy ever!!  Thank you Shelbie for asking me to do your family pictures.  It was absolutely an honor to document your family.

family collage in the field

Aledo Family Photographer | Choate Family

Aledo Family Photographer | Choate Family

Tabitha reached out several months ago because she needed to update her family pictures.  It had been several years since they had them done… and it was way past time.  Tabitha and Dusty have two BEAUTIFUL girls and while it may have taken them a few minutes to get over their stranger danger… they did a fabulous job and we had a lot of fun.  Family sessions will always hold a special place in my heart.  They are a lot of work for mommas… and dads never really want to be there.  The kids have usually been bribed with candy, food, or a special toy.  What makes me happy is when it is all said and done, and mom finally gets to see her images, she sees her family in a new light.  She sees the giggles, the love, and all the beautiful little pieces of her family.  That is what I think a true family session should be like.  Tabitha, I hope you cherish these images and put them up everywhere.

Choate Family

family session in the trees

Tabitha and Dusty have two absolutely beautiful girls.  Lexy is 7 years old.  She’s quiet, shy, and takes a little bit to warm up.  She is a great big sister and knows just how to help get giggles from her little sis.  Lexy took a few minutes to warm up with me.  I’ve learned a long time ago, to give them their time and their space.  I also happen to know a couple of ways to get them to break out of their little shell a little faster.  It didn’t take too long at all and she was smiling at me and having fun.  Kelsy is 2 years old.  She’s full of energy and raring to go.  Kelsy stayed pretty close to her daddy in the beginning… but I realized that she was pretty interested in all of the nature that surrounded us.  As soon as we stopped taking pictures after the first few minutes, I let them collect rocks and had them sit down to count them.  It was beautiful to watch the girls work together and explore.

sisters playing together in park

Once I was able to get the girls laughing and giggling – we got back to our purpose.  I wanted to tell the story of this sweet family.  The love you can feel from them is truly beautiful.  The girls are at such a sweet age and I could tell at every moment that mom and dad were so proud of their family.

mom with her girls dad with his girls

I asked mom what the girls enjoyed doing together and one of the things she mentioned was reading, so I asked her to bring a couple of books.  These images just stole my heart.  If you look closely – you will see that Kelsy is imitating everything that her big sister was doing, including how she laid beside her.  These moments are priceless.  These are the moments that I want to capture for parents.  They are fleeting and before long these little girls won’t be so little.  However, my hope is that they look at these years down the road and can still hear the laughter.

sisters reading on quilt

Can’t forget to get a few pictures of mom and dad.

Mom and dad during family session

sweet family session on rocks

Beautiful Evolutions Family Photographer

This year I changed how we structure our family sessions.  I am a big believer in telling stories thru images, but there is something about a family session that I think that holds even more true.  Every little detail that I try to capture tells a story.  Watching a mom pick and choose which images she will keep honestly just breaks my heart.  So going forward, all of our family sessions include the fully gallery that is sent to you.  I want each family to see their family the way that I see it.  I want the little details to be just as important as the big beautiful picture that goes above the fireplace.  Want to see some more of our family life inspired sessions – head over to the Beautiful Evolutions website.

We are now booking Spring Family sessions for April and May – before Texas gets too hot!


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Little Elm Family Photographer | Koiner Family

Little Elm Family Photographer | Koiner Family

Laura has been talking about getting her family pictures done for a few years.  I’ve done a couple of sessions for her personally and this past fall, she finally decided to book a family session in Little Elm, Texas.  I would love to photograph more Little Elm Family sessions because it truly has some beautiful hidden areas.  What made this session even more special was that Laura’s paren’t’s came into town from Kansas and we made it an extended family session.

Laura and her family

Laura and her husband have three beautiful children.  At first glance they appear pretty shy, but let me tell you… they are just waiting for you to not pay attention.  These three kids are just so sweet. This is a fun age, because they see such wonder in the world and teach us adults to see it through their eyes.  All three kids adore their parents… but let me tell you, no one holds a candle to their grandparents.  Laura’s mom and dad came into town so that they could be included in the session.  If you have ever heard me talk about family picture – I am a big advocate for being present in your pictures and making sure that you have your parents photographed as well.  Think about this… when your kids grow up and move out, most parents do not see the purpose in getting their pictures done.  However, there will come a day when their grandkids will look at all of the pictures and wonder why there are no more pictures of their grandparents.  I am so happy that Laura had them come into town.  These images will be cherished for years to come by Laura’s parents, Laura as well as her kids.

As an aside, a few weeks after this session, Laura’s father had a serious medical emergency.  Before I continue… I am happy to say that he is recovering and is on the road to being healthy once again.  I received a text from Laura as she rushed to Kansas to be with her parents and she told me how thankful she was that she had these images of him, not knowing what the outcome will be.  I am thankful that she has them as well.  It’s not often that we like to think about these things – but my hope is that Laura values this pictures just a little more now.

Little elm family session lake

Little Elm Family Photographer

I really just can’t begin to tell you how beautiful Little Elm, Texas is.  I look forward to the next family session up there.  I think a summer beach session just might need be planned 🙂  In the meantime – head over to the Beautiful Evolutions website to see some more of our family sessions.

Much Love


Double Oak Family Photography | Breckenridge Family

Double Oak Family Photography | Breckenridge Family

For this beautiful little family, I traveled up to Double Oak, Texas.  Sometimes it is just easier on mommy if I come to them.  With three little ones, it was definitely easier for me to hop in the car than it was for them.  On a crazy windy day, we met a local park in Double Oak and we laughed and played and got some of sweetest images of the Breckenridge Family.  Carrie is so blessed to be their mommy.

The Breckenridge Family

I met Carrie several months ago on a different project.  She immediately became someone that I knew we would be friends.  She has a kind soul and her life journey has been a twisty one, but through it all, she has these three beautiful babies.  Sweet giggles, crooked teeth and a personality that will give her a run for her money for years to come… she has three incredible children that just love her wildly.  She booked a mini session, which means that we have a much shorter amount of time to get the images.  However, I think we accomplished exactly what we set out to accomplish.  Carrie and her children will look at these images for years to come and only see sweet kisses and hugs and laughter.  Just what every mother hopes for their children.

outdoor family park session

Double Oak Family Photography

One of the greatest things about my job is that I get to explore new places.  I travel all over Texas and Oklahoma for my clients.  My hope is that 2018 takes us into other states as well.  Take a look at some of our other family sessions on the Beautiful Evolutions website – I would love for you to become a BE Family for this next year!

All my love


Downtown Fort Worth Family Photography | Bowman Family

Downtown Fort Worth Family Photography | Bowman Family

This family just rocks their family sessions.  We all leave feeling like we have just been on a roller coaster.  A teenager, twin boys, a dad that humors mom, and a mom that is ecstatic to have updated pictures.  We talked about a different location that we did last year, and the Bowman Family chose the Downtown Fort Worth location as I knew just the perfect place for her to have something different than the norm.

The Bowman Family

I just adore this family.  This will be the second time I’ve been asked to photograph their family as a whole.  There are so many dynamics and this family always leaves me smiling after their session.  The boys are… well they are boys.  Liam and Landry are twins and full of life and energy.  Lots of giggles and picking up sticks and running crazy around everyone.  You have to be on your A game with these two.  Kendal is a full blown pre-teen.  She’s full of sass and attitude…. she and I get along GREAT.  She is a gorgeous girl and I love photographing her.  The day we had their family session in Downtown Fort Worth, dad was not feeling so great.  He had injured his back and I knew we needed to move fast for him.  He was a good sport as always, he’s a little outnumbered.  As a side note: while the images are BEAUTIFUL and the location always gives me a pretty scene… the mosquitos were OUT OF CONTROL this day.  Poor little Liam was eaten alive by those little suckers… all puns intended.  My heart broke that after the first little area, he has several welps forming.  Regardless… I’m crazy in love with how their session turned out.

Downtown Fort Worth Family Photography

We love to photograph in this location as no matter what time of year, it’s just gorgeous.  Check out some of our other Life Inspired Family sessions over on the website.

downtown fort worth Life Inspired photographer beautiful evolutions photography

I would love to photograph your family in 2018, once you’ve looked around on the website – schedule a call with me to chat about getting on the 2018 calendar.

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Santa came to town – Beautiful Evolutions – Family Photographer

Santa came to town – Beautiful Evolutions – Family Photographer

Every year I dream of new ideas for Christmas mini sessions for our families.  This year I found two fantastic Santa’s as well as the prettiest Christmas Trees.  Everything I dreamed in my mind came to fruition with these little mini sessions.  Being a Family Photographer is no longer the core focus of my business, but it will forever hold a special place in my heart.  Every year in the fall, I am booked solid with family sessions.  I would love to shoot these throughout the year, but for now – it’s a big focus for families when the Texas heat cools off.

Christmas Mini Family Photography Beautiful Evolutions 2017 2

Christmas Mini Family Photography Beautiful Evolutions 2017 3

Santa Claus came to town – Beautiful Evolutions Family Photographer

I was lucky enough to have two Santa’s recommended to me.  They both were fantastic and really added that extra little something special.  Not only did these families NOT have to wait in LONG lines at the mall, or deal with crowds of crying children… each child got a few minutes to spend one on one with Santa without being rushed.  Having Santa will be a permanent feature for our Christmas mini sessions.  I want to give a great big thank you to our Santa’s for coming out and spending the afternoons with us.  It was magical and just what I dreamed it would be.

Christmas Mini Family Photography Beautiful Evolutions 2017 6 Christmas Mini Family Photography Beautiful Evolutions 2017 7

Christmas Tree Farm Mini Sessions

The last day of our mini sessions was done without Santa. These were so beautiful and it was a perfect day for them.  My hope is that these precious families cherish these beautiful images we created.  Without having to divide our “mini” time between family and Santa… we had more than enough time to create some beautiful family images.  It is my honor every year to document families.  While some families only update their images every few (or 7) years, I have some special families that see me every year.  It’s is incredible to watch their kids grow and to be the one to document these moments.  Family sessions have become something that are such a blessing each year.  No longer do I photograph families in a traditional way.  It is my goal of each and every session to capture genuine laughter as well as the love that is shared.   Thank you to Sunset Hill Tree Farm that hosted our mini sessions.  I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful field of Christmas Trees.

Christmas Mini Family Photography Beautiful Evolutions 2017 9Christmas Mini Family Photography Beautiful Evolutions 2017 10

Thank you to all of my families that came out for the Christmas Mini Sessions – I am truly blessed to be your family photographer.   To see more of our Life Inspired Family Sessions – head over to the website and check it out.  Beautiful Evolutions Website

Christmas Mini Family Photography Beautiful Evolutions 2017 8

All my love