MaKoy, Class of 2017 {Alvarado High School}

MaKoy, Class of 2017 {Alvarado High School}

Meet MaKoy… she’s quiet, very observant, creative, and super funny when you get her to open up.  MaKoy is one of my BE Street Team members, and I really am blessed to have her be a part of the team.


As MaKoy was preparing for her senior session, she and her mom asked about props.  I’m NORMALLY not a prop person.  I want your senior session to be about you… not stuff.  However, her ideas sounded really cool and I couldn’t wait to see what she pulled together.


She also chose her own location.  Eagle Mountain Lake Park… and it couldn’t have been more perfect. 2016-10-29_0007

I had been dying to try out the smoke grenades I had come across a few months ago…. LOVE these.


Welcome to your senior year MaKoy!  Make it incredible


Much Love


Have you booked your senior session yet?  We have some amazing things happening for Class of 2017

Elizabeth, Class of 2017 {Burleson High School}

Elizabeth, Class of 2017 {Burleson High School}

This sweet girl… there are almost not enough words for this beautiful girl.  To watch her be so quiet, and so shy… and then to come out of her shell and laugh and giggle and have fun… out loud.  It has been an amazing experience.

Beautiful Evolutions, Senior Photographer, Burleson TX

I met Elizabeth several months ago when I created my Beautiful Evolutions Street Team.  She sat quietly and listened to me ramble on.  She contemplated for a while if it was going to be the right fit.  Ultimately, before they walked out of the door, her and her mom agreed that this was their place.  I am so thankful for that day.  I am thankful that they trusted me to be their photographer and that they could see the vision I saw.

Elizabeth has a beautiful spirit and soul and she is going to accomplish amazing things.  After she graduates this summer, Elizabeth will be attending University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.  I absolutely cannot wait to see what path she chooses and watch her flourish as she continues to grow.

Beautiful Evolutions, Senior Photographer, Burleson TX

E – thank you for trusting, laughing and having a faith bigger than most.

Leave a little glitter wherever you go…Beautiful Evolutions, Senior Photographer, Burleson TX

All my love

BrookeBeautiful Evolutions, Senior Photographer, Burleson TX

Dylan, Class of 2017     {Martin High School}

Dylan, Class of 2017 {Martin High School}

Let me introduce you to Dylan, he is handsome and charming.   Dylan is graduating this spring from Martin High School, I am blessed to have him on my 2017 BE Street Team.


Dylan is current section leader in his band, Trumpet.  One of the greatest things about my seniors that are musically inclined is that I ask them to play or sing for me during their session.  It’s one way that allows them an opportunity to relax a little and helps me get to know them a little better.  Well… Dylan had other plans in mind.  While he didn’t technically play for me, I can only imagine how great he is if he has made it to be the section leader.


We rocked out Dylan’s senior session and around downtown Fort Worth.  His parents were absolutely wonderful and lugged around his clothes and trumpet for the whole session.  Thanks mom and dad!!

Dylan, you have great big dreams after school and I truly hope you find a path that sets your soul on fire.  Thank you for being so awesome during your session… and yes, I like your sideways look as well!  You are remarkable and I appreciate you for trusting me with some crazy ideas for our session.  I feel like we went on a small adventure… and it was so very worth it.


Much Love


Summer Senior Sessions

Summer Senior Sessions

We are now booking Class of 2017 Summer Senior sessions.  Here’s a little taste of some of the awesome seniors we have had in the last few months.


Ready to book your session?  Email me to get the details brooke@beautifulevolutions.com

beautifulevolutions_0473 beautifulevolutions_0474 beautifulevolutions_0475 beautifulevolutions_0476 beautifulevolutions_0477 beautifulevolutions_0478 beautifulevolutions_0479 beautifulevolutions_0480 beautifulevolutions_0481 beautifulevolutions_0482 beautifulevolutions_0483 beautifulevolutions_0484 beautifulevolutions_0485 beautifulevolutions_0486 beautifulevolutions_0487 beautifulevolutions_0488 beautifulevolutions_0489 beautifulevolutions_0490 beautifulevolutions_0491 beautifulevolutions_0492 2016-03-25_0088 beautifulevolutions_0472

Denna, Class of 2016 {Burleson Centennial High School}

Denna, Class of 2016 {Burleson Centennial High School}

Denna’s mom contacted me not long ago because she wanted to schedule a senior session for her daughter.  She was put into my private group for women and “something” caused her to stick around and I’m so very glad that she did.  We planned the session, they planned the wardrobe… and we PRAYED the weather would work out.  Spring time in Texas… doesn’t always cooperate.  However, the sun was beautifully shining and even though it was a little chilly… we rocked it out.


Denna had several ideas going into this session.  One thing that her mom noted to me was that she just wanted to feel grown up.  I get that, what senior girl doesn’t??  So, we brought in Lori to do hair and makeup.  We traipsed around the Botanical Gardens and captured some beautiful images.2016-03-30_0001

Sidenote:  As we roll up to the Botanical Gardens, I hear VERY loud music as we get out of the car.  I mean REALLY REALLY LOUD.  I walk over to where our first location is going to be… and there is a wedding.  I don’t mean, “oh isn’t that pretty a sweet little wedding”… I mean a full blown Indian wedding that took up the entire garden we planned to use.  I begged and pleaded with the security person that I really just needed that one little corner… over there, behind everyone, not in the way… just.right.over.there.  Nope!  So, new plan!  On to other areas.


OK – back to Denna.  She had several things planned and one of them was this beautiful flower crown.  It was beautiful and Denna made it herself.  LOVE that.



Her mom joked that Denna has several tiaras… I looked at Denna and we both smiled, EVERY girl is a princess and should have tiaras.



2016-03-30_0005 2016-03-30_0003


While we may have frozen during her session – I’m so thankful to have been the person that Denna and her mom chose as her senior photographer.  Every session that I shoot, my goal is to make sure each senior feels incredible when they leave and that they love their images.  Denna, you are headed off to Dallas Baptist University in the fall.  I can’t wait to see all the things that you accomplish.  You are a beautiful girl 2016-03-30_0004



Denna, Class of 2016, Burleson Centennial High School

May your life be filled with endless possibilities and greatness






Photography: Beautiful Evolutions – Seniors

Hair and Makeup: Lori Moore

Location: Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

Emily, Class of 2016 {Burleson Centennial High School}

Emily, Class of 2016 {Burleson Centennial High School}

Sweet Emily is graduating this year from Burleson Centennial High School.  We’ve been planning her senior session for what seems like months!  I was so excited that the weather cooperated for the most part… but MAN was it windy!


She’s got eyes that could quite possibly stop you in your tracks.  She’s a gorgeous girl and I know she’s going to take the world by storm.

2016-03-25_0087Emily brought along her family to the session… it was kinda like she had her own fans, and maybe they are.  I think they might be her biggest fans!

2016-03-25_0088 2016-03-25_0089 2016-03-25_0091

Congrats Emily on your upcoming graduation – I can’t wait to see what the world has in store for you!

2016-03-25_0090 2016-03-25_0092




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