The Laurel Wedding, Grapvine TX: Nikki + Stephen

The Laurel Wedding, Grapvine TX: Nikki + Stephen

Nikki and Stephen were married on March 31, 2017 at The Laurel.  It may have been a windy day – but there was nothing that would stop these two beautiful people from marrying each other.  The Laurel was a perfect location for their day and the little details they pulled together told their story just wonderfully.

She was a bundle of nerves the day of.  I expected it though… this beautiful girl worried about every detail all along the way.  I had already been telling her for weeks that her day was going to be perfect and we would handle anything that came her way.  I walked in and she was full of smiles and she beamed with joy, as she should… she had made it to her wedding day.  She was in the process of transforming into a beautiful princess and was surrounded by laughter and love.  Final details were being taken care of, girls were getting pampered… and the guys were having fun being guys!




Meanwhile… they guys were just hanging out, being guys.  They had a great day and were having a great afternoon by the time we met up!


Ready or not ladies… here we go!  Bottoms up!




As they stood before their family and friends – they pledged their love to each other.  They vowed to always be together, thru better or worse.  Today, they became a team that will be unbreakable.  They held each others hands and stood side by side and vowed that no matter what comes their way, they will face it together.  They professed their love in front of the ones they cherish and their family became one.

wedding Photography Beautiful Evolutions The Laurel Grapevine TX Northrup

Nikki looked absolutely stunning and all of her worries washed away as soon as she came back down the aisle.  A quick stop for one more kiss and then off to the reception.

wedding Photography Beautiful Evolutions The Laurel Grapevine TX Northrup

Toasts were given, memories were shared, laughter floated around the room.  Nikki and Stephen celebrated the night away with those that loved them.  We were so blessed to be able to document the day and the night for them.  Their love is something to be seen.  Stephen adores Nikki and she will always feel cherished when wrapped in his arms.

Their little girl Madison decided she was dancing as well.  A first dance between husband and wife, quickly became a party of three.  However, I’m pretty certain it was perfect and just the way it was intended to be.

Toasts were given and more memories were shared.  We learned a lot about the newly married couple and the life they have joined and will share together.

Nikki and Stephen, I hope that your wedding day was all you dreamed it would be.  Thank you so much for choosing me to document your day.  It was a complete honor to witness your love and the details of your wedding.

All my Love


Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Northrup

Nikki & Stephen: March 31, 2017

Northrup_Wedding from Brooke Mathis on Vimeo.

Local Business Partnership

Local Business Partnership

I firmly believe in supporting local businesses.  I think that local businesses are what drive our communities and make them incredible.  I have been lucky enough to partner with a local jeweler, Woolard’s Custom Jewelers, located in Burleson, TX. Woolard’s caters to clients all of the metroplex.

Woolard’s not only does jewelry repair but they specialize in creating custom pieces.  I am blown away by the rings, necklaces and bracelets they have created.  With five in house jewelers, you can be certain you will get an amazing piece of jewelry, but also a unique experience.


I have heard story after story about someone taking in an idea, or an heirloom piece and having it recreated at Woolard’s.IMG_0671

I’m so excited to announce that I have partnered with Woolard’s for 2016.  Keep an eye out of the next few months to see some of the incredible things that are coming.  Not only for Beautiful Evolutions, but also with the partnership with Woolard’s.

Swing by their store in Burleson and meet these incredible people.  I think you will love every moment you are there.




Sherrer Wedding

Sherrer Wedding

Mark and Tallula have been planning this beautiful day for a very long time.  If you know Tallula, you will know that she had each and every detail planned and documented.  I had the pleasure of meeting Tallula right at the time she needed to choose a photographer.  I was honored to document their day and the love that surrounded them.

The day started off threatening rain.  I’m pretty certain we all did a “no rain” dance.  Thankfully, it passed right by and only dropped a few small rain drops.  Tallula and Mark both arrived at the venue to prepare for their day. Surrounded by love and laughter.


The amazing Sonya Sawyer transformed Tallula into the absolutely stunning bride that radiated all day and evening!


We only had just a few moments for bridals prior to time to tuck Tallula away before the guests arrived.  Tallula is an absolutely beautiful woman, but on this day, she was the definition of beautiful.

2015-12-16_0005 2015-12-16_0006

The little details of the day are so important and often over looked.  Every bride spends hours pouring over and planning the little details of the day.  It is little things that most people don’t give much thought to.  She did a phenomenal job.

2015-12-16_0007 2015-12-16_0008 2015-12-16_0009 2015-12-16_0010 2015-12-16_0011

The ceremony was beautiful.  Tallula and Mark were surrounded by a bridal party that absolutely rocked the day.  Beautiful and full of laughter. This day couldn’t have been any more perfect for this Tallula to marry her love.

2015-12-16_0013 2015-12-16_0015 2015-12-16_0014

2015-12-16_00202015-12-16_0017 2015-12-16_00182015-12-16_0019

The moment the groom sees his bride is always a precious moment

2015-12-16_00212015-12-16_0022 2015-12-16_00232015-12-16_0024 2015-12-16_0025 2015-12-16_00262015-12-16_0027

Congratulations on a BEAUTIFUL ceremony…. just a few stolen moments before the hustle and bustle of the reception.


and now… let the party begin!


One sweet last dance, alone, in the quiet of the room while everyone waited outside.


Congratulations Mark & Tallula.  I hope and pray that you spend many years as in love as you were on this day.


The wedding and reception were held at A&M Gardens in Azle, TX.  This venue is stunning beyond words.  It’s a photographers paradise.  The amazing coordinator, Cindy, walked me around and with every new area she took me to, it took my breath away.  Cindy was a godsend, every single bride needs a Cindy for the wedding.  She, and her counterpart Kelly, took care of every detail and ensured that the wedding remained on schedule.

2015-12-16_0001 2015-12-16_0002

Special thank you to DJMikeBoogie for doing a fantastic job keeping the music on point all night long and to Jimmy Raney with GR8 Bartender Services.  He kept everyone very happy all night 🙂


Much Love to you!  Congratulations.. all my love!





Debbie &Sandy {Just Married}

Debbie &Sandy {Just Married}

It’s a sweet love story, 30 years in the making.  A love shared by two beautiful women that never thought they would see the day that they could stand before their friends and family and legally commit to each other.2015-10-22_0002


October 10, 2015 was their day.2015-10-22_0001

Family gathered prior to the ceremony so that we could capture some family portraits.  What a beautiful family they have!


The kids played around the house while the last minute details were taken care of.  There was a surprise in the works… everything had to be just right.

2015-10-22_0004 2015-10-22_0007

Sandy’s son officiated the wedding, and I am certain that he brought a tear to everyone in the room.  He recounted stories of their lives.  30 years of stories, of love, and laughter.


The granddaughters took a few moments in the ceremony to serenade their grandmothers… “A Thousand Years” was a perfect song and fit the day just perfectly.


Sandy was first to say her vows…as she proclaimed, she isn’t good with words, so her vows written using song titles and lyrics.  It was priceless!  Debbie shared her vows with Sandy and the room and again, brought more tears.


A love that is 30 years strong… Congratulations Debbie & Sandy.  I wish you 30 more years of a marriage that is happily ever after.


All My Love


Jaso Wedding

Jaso Wedding

I am completely honored to present to you Mr. and Mrs. Jaso. Michelle and Chris were married on New Years Eve 2012

I have known Michelle for a few years now, I photographed her and her two boys a couple of years ago. She has the most beautiful smile… and Chris definately has made this sweet lady smile.

The Jaso’s decided on a small ceremony at te Justice of Peace in Fort Worth on Christmas eve. They were surrounded by friends and family… it may or may not have turned out to be a “small” gathering.

Chris and Michelle stood up in front of their friends and family with their sweet boys by their sides. As the the judge asked for the rings, each set of brothers passed them down to their new parent. It was a beautiful gesture and a wonderful way to ensure the boys were an integral part of the moment.

Michelle and Chris, Congratulations! I wish you a lot of love on this next chapter in your life. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your incredible moment.


Much Love,

2012 A Year In Review

2012 A Year In Review

2012 was full of changes, challenges, love and laughter. MaddiePie Creations evolved and I decided it was time for new business model – which brought you Beautiful Evolutions. I haven’t blogged in a long time, mostly because it was something that just kept falling off of the to-do list. However, I have finally found a fabulous solution for blogging that makes it WAY easier for me to keep up with. So, sit back and enjoy some of my favorite images from this past year. Thank you to everyone who supported, loved and cheered me on this year. 2013 already has great things in store and lots of fun things coming up!

Much Love to each of you!

Sweet Cooper

A year of sweet babies!

Danielle and Taylor… beautiful couple!

A beautiful momma!!

Her sweet babies

That sweet baby is now 6 months old

This year, I had an incredible opportunity to shoot my first birth… it is definitely something I would love to do again

Beautiful Caitlin married her best friend

Could Cam be any cuter??

Sweet Peyton turned 1!! Such a big girl. thank you mom and dad for allowing me to be a part of this past year with you and your sweet little girl.

This past year our family was blessed to meet this guy! He was a foreign exchange student with one of our best friends. He has an incredible soul and made an impact on everyone who met him. Much Love Denmark!

This year, life took us to Arkansas… for a half a minute. While there, little Maddie and I decided to go work on some photography things and did an impromptu photo shoot. She did a great job!!

I had the honor of photographing a small summer time wedding for Michael and Katie… it was absolutely beautiful

One of my favorite Senior Sessions to date! Super fun and up for just about anything 🙂

I live in a fabulous little community. One of our local high schools decided to do a fun fundraiser this year. Companies could pay to have other companies “flocked”. One weekend, some of flock ran off to have a little fun on their own… my two hung by the pool, regardless of the rain.


Another beautiful mommy to be…


…had a beautiful baby boy!

Late summer – I opened up my very first studio!! Beautiful Evolutions has a physical location and with that, had our first tent at a local Wine Crawl. Great opportunities are just around the corner

Amy married Kevin in a sweet little backyard wedding. I had the honor of working with Jenna and Andre of FickleZeal Photography and that in and of itself was amazing

Sweet sisters rocked it out with me one afternoon – definitely a fun afternoon

OH The kids that have come into to see me this year… ugh, I love how incredible they all are. These smiles make my job so incredibly worth it all!

This family… this family is pretty incredible… we go way back and I love them more than bread and…. well, just bread in general 🙂

This family, I have been with this family since, well.. before they were a complete family. I have watched them grow in love for a long time and I am so blessed to be their friend. Now, they are working towards the next chapter of their life. They are building a home, and this is where we did their family pictures. I love it!!

Families are what I started my business on… this year has definitely brought me some amazing ones!

This is one of my favorites from this year…

Sometimes I am amazed at what a small funny little world it is. This… this is The Enablers. They are an outstanding band in the metroplex. I hired the lead singer when I worked full time a year or two ago, he just hired a new female lead singer… she’s from Burleson. Love how everything makes a connection when it’s supposed to.

Senior Girls…. LOVE!!!

I cannot even begin to find the words to tell you how much I love this session. From their style, to their love, to the location… LOVE!!

Networking is still very new to me… if you know me, I’m usually extremely shy and NOT one to strike up a conversation. Well, this year, I have worked very hard at stepping outside of my bubble and have met some incredible people. One of these is an owner at a local winery, Sunset Winery. Bruce asked me if I had ever done pictures with Santa before and did I know a Santa…. I hadn’t, and didn’t… a few weeks later, he called to tell me that he had found a Santa and wanted to know if I was interested in taking on pictures with Santa at a winery. I am so incredibly glad that I did.. beautiful! WAY better than the mall, I’m just sayin.

My year ended with some incredible bridals. Unfortunately, I was not able to shoot the wedding as they had been given that as a wedding gift. However, this bridal session was so beautiful. We headed out to her grandfather’s home in Alvarado, TX. A new location is always a little scary for me, I never really know what I can expect. So glad… let me repeat… so glad that this is the location that she chose. Absolutely beautiful and what a special way to incorporate her family history into such a special occasion. Cayce, you are a beautiful bride and I know that your wedding, on NYE, was absolutely beautiful. I cannot wait to work with you again!

I received a phone call several weeks ago asking if I would be able to shoot a special project. I agreed, because of the person who asked… I didn’t even really need the details, just tell me when and where. Well… I was moved beyond words for this project and have been incredibly blessed to have been a part of this day. Two sisters, a grand daughter and a friend all decided to make a sacrifice for a mother. The mother has cancer and has lost all of her hair. All four girls decided to cut their long hair and have it made into a wig for their mother. We spent the morning talking, laughing and crying. These four girls love this woman so incredibly much and this was just something that they felt they could do for her. If you head over to the Beautiful Evolutions Facebook page, you will see a slideshow that I created for them from this day. It will move you and possibly have you crying. But make sure they are tears filled with love and hope for this family.

I have since received an update on this sweet woman. The cancer has spread much more than they had anticipated and the family has asked for prayers. Please say a prayer for these girls. If you don’t pray, just send sweet thoughts their way.
Thank you girls for allowing me to document this moment for you. It has always been my hope that I could do something for someone that will make an impact on their life. My hope is that these images carry you through a very difficult time in your lives and help you to remember that love will bring you through anything.

To end on a happy, lighter note… please meet some of the superstars from 2012

Much Love!