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Head Shot Photos for Brande Tyler, Realtor with WNC Residential

Head Shot sessions will forever be my favorite.  It’s usually a pretty quick session and I know, when it’s all said and done, this lady is going to elevate her brand.  Brande is a gorgeous woman in the residential real estate industry.  I was excited to meet her and learn a little more about her.  She was super easy to photograph and I love seeing clients understand the value of having up to date and modern headshots.  Your first connection to a potential client… is from the image you present.

woman headshots in blue and black

I’m a Realtor in the DFW area and I pride myself on honesty and tenacity. I work diligently for all of my clients and am honest about the good and the bad throughout the transaction so there are no surprises.

I love working with first time home buyers because they usually don’t know where to start with the home buying process and it can be very overwhelming! I try to educated them and walk them through every step and in the end when I get to see them move into their first home, there is no better feeling!

Hug Your Customers by Jack Mitchell – it’s really mind opening to see how his retail business grew because of how important going above and beyond for his customers are

Coffee…it gets me going!

I am very focused on my health and I try to workout 4 times a week and eat clean the majority of the time. It is a stress reliever and it keeps my energy up!

I sing A LOT…in the car, at home, wherever

How can potential clients contact you? (Email, phone, website, SM links)


Head Shot & Branding Photography with Beautiful Evolutions

Head Shots… does just the name of it make you cringe?  There are not many people that actually look forward to getting their head shots done.  However, with the right photographer… it should be an easy process.  My goal before every session is to understand what your business is, what you want out of your head shots, what type of message you want to send to your potential clients.  These things all play a factor in a successful head shot session.  When you book a head shot or branding session with me, we will dig in a little bit so that we get you more than “just one decent picture”.  I want you to really love your images and USE them.  You are paying for a session… you should get the most out of them!  Want a little more info?  You can head over to the portfolio page here –> Head Shot Portfolio or you can click the button below to get the pricing details and some email info.